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The ARCS Reactor has the potential to reduce the biggest threat to human existence. Mankind pollutes on a global scale so prolific that our planet struggles to maintain a healthy and viable eco system. 

Despite the environmental damage and threat to human health, global transportation continues
to rely on fossil fuels.  Now ARCS Energy has found a way to make the use of diesel, petrol and other hydrocarbon-based fuels clean and green.

Global warming

The emission of Carbon Dioxide and other Greenhouse gases are leading to warmer global temperatures. This is causing sea levels to rise, wildlife and farming to suffer, and results in extreme weather and natural disasters which cause loss of life.


Nitrogen oxides from car emissions and other pollutants react with sunlight to form the photochemical smog prevalent in some of the world’s largest cities. This is causing widespread respiratory illness, lung damage and premature death.

Acid Rain

Sulphur and nitrogen compounds emitted by motor vehicles react with water molecules to form acid rain. This acidic rain can harm forests, lakes, aquatic life and soil.

Health problems

Air pollution caused by exhaust emissions has been linked to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, allergies, eye irritation, skin diseases, and long-term chronic diseases such as cancer.

Treating these gases before releasing them into air is not only vital but also regulated by many international organisations, agreements and standards.


The successful commercialisation of the ARCS Reactor could:


Significantly reduce the rate of global warming

Make smog a thing of the past

Reduce the environmental damage caused by acid rain

Prevent premature death on a massive scale.

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